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Charity Choice $50

Charity Choice $50

Charity Gift Cards, a truly meaningful gift that entitles the recipient to choose the charity that the funds will go towards, from our list of over 100 major charitable causes. Wonderful for special occasions, adding a charitable dimension to the occasion; and you don't have to know what cause your gift recipient is interested in, since they can select what is close to their heart.


Conveniently organized into more than ten categories to review, including; environment, hunger and poverty, disaster relief, children and youth, education, health and disease, disabilities, the elderly - and more. The online designation of the charity is an easy and very rewarding experience. Many of the over 100 charities listed are selected from the largest and most highly regarded charitable organizations in the USA.


You will receive a tax acknowledgement letter along with this reward, for your tax filing. Consult your tax advisor as to whether this qualifies as a charitable contribution. Learn about the broad offering of charities on our website and follow links to the various charities:


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